Bruh Luuh

Everyone meet Joe Wells aka Bruh Luuh (CEO of Bruh Luuh Music).

A little about him....

"Production With INTEGRITY" can describe his work best.
Bruh Luuh Music's CEO & founder mainly markets Hip-hop, Gospel, R&B, Rock, & Neo Soul tracks & drum patterns to all genres, artists, labels & companies.
Bruh Luuh Music is Record Label/Digital Distribution Company
Bruh Luuh Music is a Production/Publishing company that also acts as a label & serves the Chicagoland Area of Illinois.
The company offers a wide range of opportunities for artists via digital media distribution, cd duplication, graphic arts, & video editing.

Work we've done:
"Dead Man Walking"
My whole solo album releasing in August 2014
"Become What You Believe"
Conclave Download Album
Victorious feat. Bruh Luuh

Hit him up for all you music needs, you won't be disappointed.

Contact Information: