My Story

J. Love AKA The KingsMan JË
Born Jeffrey E. Love in Harvey, IL. JË is a spirited hip hop artist, songwriter, producer, model, and actor.
He emerges as a prominent and strong voice in the genre of Rap and Life Music. His lyrics alongside his
 faith delivers power packed filled songs that inspire the mind, plus touches the heart & soul.
His Journey began in 2011. Feeling called to motivate listeners to be their true selves.
He has spent the past 3 years performing in Chicagoland area with a group called Conclave Download.
 Now taking some much needed time to create a new vibe that will shock the sound waves.
The KingsMan JË uses his life experience to inspire the music he creates as well as his positive outlook on life.
 He believes that “you can be who you dream of being, and nothing less.”
He defines a KingsMan a man of integrity, authority, discipline, and skill.
Focused and powerful, accomplishing impossible tasks. Although an upcoming voice in the industry,
 J. Love has learned that pressure produces the best results.  This is the inspiration that is released
through his verses over exciting instrumentals.
 His first mixtape pulls on a range of emotions and lifts your morale.
The album is titled “On The Other Side” giving listeners a bridge to go from one side to the other.  
The album is on iTunes, amazon, or wherever music is sold on the internet.
 JË is currently working on a new album that will be finish before this year is up.
 And is already getting great reviews from the first single, "This King”, from the album.
You can stay connected to J. Love on the webpage(, Facebook (TheRealJlove),
Instagram (kingsman_je), Twitter (dietolivejlove).